About CIYC

Formed in early 2013, the Capoeira in York Community is a not-for-profit organisation facilitated by a small committee of enthusiastic capoeiristas. CIYC is made up of a friendly and sociable group of people who enjoy training, practicing and playing Capoeira. We recognise the importance of music in Capoeira and incorporate it into our training.

Our aims are:

  • To promote the study, training and appreciation of Capoeira.
  • To foster a sense of community amongst capoeiristas.
  • To support good causes consistent with the spirit, philosophy and origins of Capoeira.

We teach a range of styles including Angola, Regional and Contemporânea.

The current committee is comprised of:
Committee Chair & Secretary – Aurélie Bovi
Treasurer – John Harvey
Membership & Insurance Secretary – Frank Thomas
Marketing & Promotions Secretary – John Jobling

You can contact us via email info@ciyc.org.uk or click here to visit our facebook page.

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